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Let's get started. Shall we? (An introduction)

Les Pavots, Fabrice de Villeneuve.

My name is Ayça (pronounced eye-cha) and I am a life enthusiast who happens to be a mathematician. I was born in Ankara sometime in the 1980s. Having a more nomadic attitude towards life was forced on me as a child due to my father's work. We moved around so much that I attended five different primary schools in four different cities. While I didn't appreciate this as a child, it taught me a lot of lessons that have been invaluable in my adult life and prepared me for my professional journey ahead. I started my career in Turkey in 2009, temporarily moved to the United States in July 2021, and planning to go back to my home country in July 2022.

When I first launched this website and decided to try my hand at blogging in English, I thought about exploring how mathematics influences different aspects of life. But then I realized that it might be more interesting to talk about the path I’ve walked as a woman in maths/academia. There are certain experiences I have had that need to be brought to light, besides, I am a hundred percent sure that there are other women with similar stories who can relate or will benefit from an open discussion on these topics. As a person who puts almost everything on paper, writing about the things I’ve faced throughout my career will be a piece of cake. Divulging this information on my personal blog? Well, that part may not be so easy. It is going to be like someone has found my journal, and all my secrets, fears, and insecurities are being exposed. Still, I promise I am going to be genuine no matter how challenging it might be. So, let’s get started. Shall we?


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