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September 2012 - June 2016


Mersin University Department of Mathematics

September 2009 - June 2012


Mersin University Department of Mathematics

September 2002 - February 2008


Ankara University Department of Mathematics

Long-Term Positions


November, 2022 -

Associate Professor

Mersin University Department of Mathematics


September, 2016 - November, 2022

Assistant Professor

Mersin University Department of Mathematics


December, 2009 - June, 2016

Research Assistant

Mersin University Department of Mathematics

Visiting Positions

July, 2021 - July, 2022

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar

 Missouri University of Science and Technology Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Host Professor: Dr. Martin Bohner)

[MST Math] [Dr. Martin Bohner]


December, 2021 - Present

Young Researcher

Regional Mathematics Center of Southern Federal University Research in Pairs Program (Host Professor: Dr. Vladislav Kravchenko)

[Research in Pairs] [Dr. Vladislav Kravchenko]


July, 2021 - July, 2022

2219 International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Support Period: 12 Months



Selected Papers


Recovery of Inhomogeneity from Output Boundary Data

Mathematics, 10, 4349, 2022.




A q-Dirac Boundary Value Problem with Eigenparameter-Dependent Boundary Conditions

Appl. Anal. Discrete Math., 16, 534—547, 2022. (with BOHNER M.)



Recovering Differential Operators with Two Retarded Arguments

Bol. Soc. Mat. Mex., 28, 68, 2022. (with VOJVODIC B., KOMAZEC N. P.)



General Characteristics of a Fractal Sturm-Liouville Problem

Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 45 (4), 1835—1846, 2021.




Sturm-Liouville and Riccati Conformable Dynamic Equations

Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications, 15 (1), 1—13, 2020.

(with CUCHTA T.)



Inverse Problems for Differential Operators with Two Delays Larger Than Half of the Length of the Interval and Dirichlet Conditions

Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 44, 900—905, 2020. (with VOJVODIC B., PIKULA M., VLADICIC V.)



A Discontinuous $q$-Fractional Boundary Value Problem with Eigenparameter Dependent Boundary Conditions

Miskolc Mathematical Notes, 20 (2), 795—806, 2019.



A Boundary Value Problem with Retarded Argument and Discontinuous Coefficient in the Differential Equation

Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics, 7(1), 130—140, 2017. (with MAMEDOV Kh. R.)



Boundary Value Problem for a Sturm-Liouville Operator With Piecewise Continuous Coefficient

Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics, 44(4), 867—874, 2015. (with MAMEDOV Kh. R.)



Inverse Problem for a Class of Sturm-Liouville Operator with Spectral Parameter in Boundary Condition

Boundary Value Problems 2013, 2013:183, doi:10.1186/1687-2770-2013-183. (with MAMEDOV Kh. R.)



Selected Conference and Seminar Talks

15 October 2022

Spring Mathematics Meetings (Invited Talk)

Istanbul University, Department of Mathematics

9 March 2022

Geometry & Analysis Seminar

University of Santa Cruz, Department of Mathematics

2 March 2022

Drakhlin’s Seminar on Functional Differential Equations

Ariel University, Department of Mathematics

22 May 2021

"An Inverse Problem for a Differential Equation with Delay", International Scientific Conference “Science and Reality”

Pale, BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA. (Virtual Attandence) (with VOJVODIC V., PIKULA M., VLADICIC V.)

1-5 July 2019

“A Boundary Value Problem with q-Jackson Derivative and Eigenvalue Dependent Boundary Conditions”, International Conference on Differential & Difference Equations and Applications


12-13 October 2018

“An Inverse Problem for a Class of Sturm-Liouville Operator with Spectral Parameter in Boundary Conditions”, Contemporary Mathematical Problems Conference Dedicated to Professor Milenko Pikula,


16-19 May 2018

“Basic Properties of an Eigenparameter-Dependent q-Boundary Value Problem”, 14th Serbian Mathematical Congress (14th SMAK)

Kragujevac, SERBIA

24-27 May 2017

“Expansion Formula for a Boundary Value Problem with Discontinuous Coefficient”, International Mathematical Conference on Function Theory dedicated to the centenary of Aleksei Fedorovich Leont’ev

Ufa, RUSSIA. (with MAMEDOV Kh. R.)

27-29 May 2016

“The Main Equation for a Sturm-Liouville Operator with a Piecewise Continuous Coefficient”, 15th Panhellenic Conference on Mathematical Analysis

Crete, GREECE. (with MAMEDOV Kh. R.)

26-29 May 2014

“Inverse Scattering Problem for a Piecewise Continuous Sturm-Liouville Equation with Eigenparameter Dependence in the Boundary Condition”, 19th International Conference Mathematical Modelling and Analysis 2014

Druskininkai, LITHUANIA. (with MAMEDOV Kh. R.)


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Since 2017

American Mathematical Society



Since 2017

International Society of Difference Equations


Since 2019

Association for Turkish Women in Maths


Since 2019

Association for Women in Mathematics


Since 2019

Turkish Mathematical Society


Since 2020

European Women in Mathematics


Since 2022

London Mathematical Society


Former Master Students

Mersin University Department of Mathematics

Dilan Elbadi

May, 2021

Mersin University Department of Mathematics

Nurcan Erbey

November, 2019

Mersin University Department of Mathematics

Zeki Ceylan

June, 2020

Mersin University Department of Mathematics

İlknur Aydın Uraslu

April, 2019


Teaching Experience


  • Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra (in Turkish)

  • Numerical Methods in Engineering (in English and Turkish)

  • Fractional Differential Equations, Differential Equations with Retarded Arguments (in Turkish)

  • Probability and Statistics (in English)

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